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The purpose of the DVHL is to promote, govern and improve organized hockey in the Delaware Valley area by authority of USA Hockey, Inc.: to foster among its members, supporters and teams a general cooperative spirit; to maintain and increase interest in the game of hockey; to have and exercise a general care, supervision and direction over the playing interest of its teams and players.

President's Message

2021 is starting to look like a year of enormous change for the DVHL and USA Hockey.

First, Colleen Marinari stepped aside on May 15th after completing thirty-three years of dedicated service to our league, the last twenty-five as president to the DVHL.  As a result, we needed to move some of our executive board members around and fill some of the created vacancies.  Therefore, our Executive Board will be comprised of the following individuals for the 2021-22 season:




Jay Finnigan

Executive Vice President

Joe D’Angelo

First Vice President

Dave Jackson

Second Vice President

Joe Spagnolo


Mike DeRose


Elizabeth D. Ritter

Vice President – Legal

Terry Wochok

Vice President – Marketing

Larry Sechuk

President Emeritus *

Colleen M. Marinari


Secondly, USA Hockey has modified Our Playing Rules for the 2021-25 seasons (Rulebook_2021-25_FINAL.pdf (, it will take some time to adapt to the changes.  

The rule changes are further explained in this document: 

2021-25_USA_Hockey_Playing_Rule_Change_Summary.pdf (

USA Hockey has also updated, clarified, and restated our points of emphasis in this document for the 2021-25 seasons :                                

2021-25_USAH_Playing_Rules_Points_of_Emphasis.pdf ( 

Finally, to eliminate inconsistency in the application of suspensions as a result of being assessed a match penalty, a standardization policy was adopted:

2021-25_USAH_Standardized_Discipline_Policy.pdf (

Change always brings fear of the unknown and concerns for players, parents, coaches, officials, and our administrators.  Change is constant and when we embrace it, it makes the transition easier for all involved.    All the changes listed above take effect on September 1, 2021.  Please be patient as we work to make hockey better and more welcoming for all involved.

As I stated before, I ask for your support and the support of each organization.  TOGETHER we will make the DVHL even better.  I am humbled at the opportunity to help guide the next chapter of the DVHL.  We are fortunate to have a dedicated and committed Executive Board and member organizations.  I look forward to working with each of you in the coming years.  

Please feel free to reach out at any time.


Jay Finnigan

Colleen Marinari Honored

The Atlantic District of USA Hockey recognized Colleen Marinari for her dedication and commitment to youth hockey in Eastern PA, Delaware and New Jersey.  Ray Ferry, Executive Vice President of the Atlantic District presented her with her recognition and praised her for her contributions and efforts. The Awards and Appreciation Night was held at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, NJ on June 24th. 

Colleen dedicated thirty-three years to the DVHL, the last twenty-five as President.   She also served many years as the Executive Director of the Atlantic District.

Thank you for all you did for the Delaware Valley Hockey League, the Atlantic District and hockey in the United States.  

Enjoy your retirement.   

Thank you to our Sponsors who generously support our league:


DVHL Covid 19 Protocol and Game Day Protocol

Below please find our COVID 19 Protocol and Game Day Protocol that was approved by our clubs on September 9, 2020