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Playoff Blyaw Rules and Regulations

2021-22 DVHL Playoff Rules


A. DVHL rules will be followed for playoff games.

B. All games are to be played at one facility unless circumstances dictate otherwise.

C. All ice slots will be 1.5 hours in length with no curfew.

D. Highest seed will be home team during all rounds.

E. A two-man officiating system will be used at all levels or as changed by membership vote.

F. Any unexpired penalty incurred in the third period will carry over into the overtime period and on ice strength will be adjusted accordingly, i.e., four on three; five on three, etc. After a whistle, the on-ice strength will be adjusted accordingly until three on three is resumed.

G. Any player assessed a penalty in the overtime period will not be allowed to participate in the shootout. Major penalties will be served by any other member of the penalized team, excluding a goaltender.

H. Overtime – one ten (10) minute three-on-three sudden death overtime period will be used.

1. There will be a sixty (60) second break prior to the start of the sudden death overtime period.

2. Time-outs will not be permitted during the sudden death overtime period.

3. Goaltenders will change ends prior to the start of the overtime period and shootout.

4. USA Hockey playing rules are in effect during the overtime periods.

I. Should the game remain tied after the sudden death overtime period there will be a five-skater shootout except for Championship (1st Place at Playoffs) games that will be played to a conclusion.

     1. There will be a sixty (60) second break prior to the start  of the sudden death overtime period and five skater shootout.

     2. Any skater on the roster may be used.

     3. Visiting team will shoot first in the shootout.

     4. Winner is based on total goals scored once all five players have had their turn.

     5. If still tied after the first round, there shall be a sudden death shootout. Teams can use the same shooters as the first round, or any eligible player in successive rounds.

J. No protest of playing rules or official(s) calls shall be permitted.

K. The total cost of the playoffs including referee fees, scorekeeper fees, trainer fees and ice time will be billed to all clubs based on the number of teams they have participating in the league (including petitioned teams).

L. In the DVHL Playoffs all games will be played until there is a winner as described above.

M. Use of noise markers is prohibited at DVHL Playoffs.

Section 6 – B AMERICAN and limited travel DIVISIONs

  1.  No player may score more than three (3) goals in a single game.  Any player that violates this rule will receive a 2-minute minor for unsportsmanlike conduct and the goal will not count.