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Scorekeepers Guide

DVHL: Entering Game Results on DVHL website

  • Enter home game scores only
  • Enter the DVHL website
  • Use the team search option on the top right to find your team
  • Click the edit mode switch on the top left to move into edit mode
  • On the game schedule tab, click the time or status of the game you wish to enter stats for
  • Click on "Score Live" on the game page
  1. The game details should be correct and loaded in already, but check to verify before click over to the teams/rosters tab.
  2. Click "select all active" to check in all the active players on the roster or click the check box next to each individual player to check them in or out of the game. 
  3. Select a starting goalie for each team,  then click "Score Game". 
  4. The scoring page will load with a list of available plays. Goals and penalties can be entered with the time of the play, shots can be entered as a batch at the end of the period with a time of 0:00 and the number of shots in the shot count. (Goals entered are automatically counted towards the shot count). 
  5.  To change goalies,  select the Goalie Change button, the team that changed goalies, the goalie entering the game and time of the change.
  6. If a team pulls its goaltender in favor of an extra skater, hit the small X next to the goaltender's name. This will automatically fill the Goaltender field with the Empty Net option. Be sure to enter the time when the goaltender left the game. Also, if the goaltender later returns to the game, be sure to change the Empty Net field to the goaltender's name and enter the time of the change.
  7. During the COVID restrictions, SE will show the 4th period.  Once the restrictions are dropped, SE will go back to a 3 period game.
  8.  To add an overtime period, click "start new period" at the end of the third period, or click the menu tab at the top left and add a new period in the game details. 
  9.   Make sure that the overtime button is not checked if you did not play overtime!
  10.  When the game is complete, click "Finalize Game" and enter your name or initials in the Sign Off field. 


After you finalize the game, the score will be reflected in the schedule and the standings will be updated.

Stat entry tutorial