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Dear Manager's:

We would like to both welcome you and thank you for being a team manager this season.  We know it is a lot of work and very often a thankless position for you to take on.

The Team Manager is a central figure in creating the flow of communication – not only within the team (players, parents and coaches), but between the team and all support systems such as your club, League Managers, other teams, referees and officials. By taking on the operational aspects of the team, the manager enables the coach to focus on player development and on-ice instruction to provide the players with rewarding hockey experiences.

Every team will organize themselves slightly differently to best function in their surroundings, however, there are still many tasks that all Team Managers will need to complete regardless of what team they work with.

Below is our handbook that includes both DVHL and USA Hockey information.  We hope to make your life somewhat easier by giving you as much information that we can think of.  If you think of anything that we may have missed, please do not hesitate to let us know.  Our plans are to update this every season to help not only yourself, but also all future managers.

Good luck this season and thank you again for all that you do for youth hockey!

Colleen Marinari

DVHL President

Other Forms and Links:

For player/coaches additions/deletions/movements, please go to the League Info file and click on Forms and Links!

Helpful Information:

Even though you have until 12/31/19 to submit your USA Hockey rosters, you need to send them in ASAP so that your games will count toward District eligibility.

Reminder - your USA Hockey roster and DVHL roster must match up!


Bad Weather Policy

What do we do in the event of bad weather?  Click on our hazardous weather policy below!